Complete information on how to change or upload a Blogger template.

Blogger Template Ko Change Ya Upload Kaise Kare Ki Puri Jankari
riends, if you still use the Blogspot pre-loaded template or theme, then you need to upgrade your theme / template as all the themes in the blogspot are simple. After applying a theme, the visitor comes down very little After the design of your blogger site is not good at all and it is not SEO friendly that lets the user leave blogging due to disappointment. In this post I will tell you how you A blog theme can change the beautiful SEO Friendly Template which looks like your blog site Professional Website 

What is Blog Theme / Template? Why is it necessary to change template?
The template blog has a full look of a blog or site. The blog site has a great identity from the template itself. If you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then you have to change the template of your blog site. Blogger already has many templates But if you want to give a professional look to your blog site, then change your blog template and after that webs like Sora, gooyaabi, wix, themeforest can download free template from ites
What should be the design of Blog Template?
Downloading a free blog template is important to know how the template should be.
1. Mobile Friendly Template
The template should be completely mobile-friendly. The number of people surfing the mobile is very high. More than 70 percent of the traffic comes from mobile, so it is very important to have a template mobile friendly.
2. SEO Friendly Template
Being SEO friendly is very important because the blog template is SEO friendly and comes quickly at your post top in Google search engine.
3. Adsense Friendly Template
With an Adress Friendly Template, you can apply when you apply for adsense. Approval increases the chances of you.
4. Fast Loading Template
Visitors do not wait for anyone if your site speed is slow or it takes too much time to open, the visitor gradually lowers, so that there is a lot of traffic on your site.
Now you must have understood how your Blogger blog should be a template.

Change Template / Theme in Blogger?
Step 1
First you go to the Blogger site and log in
1. Now click on the theme.

2. Now open a new page, click Backup / Restore on the top right above
Step 2
After clicking on Backup / Restore, one page will open
1. Take the old theme back up before applying a new theme if you have trouble installing new themes / templates, you will have a backup of the old thes. Click on Download Theme for this.
2. Now click Choose File, open any folder that is Template / Theme in your computer and select XML file.

3. Now select new theme / template's XML and upload it

One thing to note is that you have downloaded Template / Theme already unzip it so that it is easy to upload theme / template.
Now you may have known how to change the theme / template of Blogger Blog. I hope you have liked this post if you have any problem in changing or uploading Blogger Template / Theme, then please comment.
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