Find out the registration details of any vehicle and driving license status

ऐसे पता करे किसी भी वाहन के Registration Details और Driving Licence Status को

If you are going to buy an old vehicle from an unknown person or friend, then you would want to know what is the correct information of that vehicle? For example, who is the owner of that vehicle from the registration of Gaadi, how much is paid tax, and if it is said correctly, you will want to get the correct information of the registration details of that vehicle because you do not know that What is the past in the car as it can be that the vehicle has been stolen or an accident has happened with the car, whose information is not enough to get information about that car. Are trying to do
Now, just think if you get such an information just how will you get an SMS because you will now easily get the full details of the carriage in one minute by means of an SMS, means you will get an SMS with registration number to view registration details by car number. You have to send the complete information about the vehicle.

Obtain Vehicle Registration Details

For this, just send an SMS to send the SMS -
Type in SMS: VAHAN <Registration Number> and send to 7738299899
For example
SMS to VAHAN HR 09D 2541

You can also get this information online: For information go to their official website: click

Get your Driving License Status

If you want to know the status of your driver's license, when your driving license is about to expire or you want to verify someone else's driving license, you can also do this work online because most of the work is going online nowadays. You can get the information about the driving license of any state, just by its official website;-  You have to go to and click on your DL Status where you can check the driver's license status.

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