How to add meta tags to a blog

Blog Me Meta Tags Kaise Add kare

Meta tags are really an important part of search engine, so if you want to rank your blog or website in search engine, then you have to customize your blog with a related tag, because the search engine is the only way to get your Brings the blog to search, so if you do not use these tags then you will never get a good ranking. The blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet, therefore SEO is very useful for bloggers If you want to become a successful blogger, you have to fix it yourself.
If you want to make your blog or website SEO Friendly, then Meta tags play a significant role for your blog when you add Meta tags to your blog, whenever any visitor from your blog in any of the Visitor Search Engine When a keyword is searched, your blog's post shows in the search engine.

What is Meta Tags?

Meta tags are actually HTML tags in our template that bring our blog to the search engine, because with the help of Meta tag, we tell the search engine what's in our blog - what content is available so that whenever No visi

Meta tags have three different portions
1. Add Blogger Widget to Blogger: - In it we have to write the title of our blog tech Hindi Post. Similarly, you can also write the title of your blog.
2. Meta Description: - In it we have to write about your blog like when someone searches your blog in a search engine, the description of your blog appears at the bottom of the title.
3. Meta Keyword: - The keyword is the most important part in which you have to write related keywords like blogger, blogging, make money online, computer tips and trick in hindi, mobile reviews etc.
These three meta tags are the most important for your blog. Which brings you to the top in the search engine.

Add Blogger Widget to Blogger

There are two ways to add meta tags to a blogger blog: Adding meta tags in the search description by going to the setting of a blogger and adding the meta tags in the Blogger template, but in other words, I would suggest you add Meta tags to the Blogger HTML. So let's know how to add meta tags to the blogger blog.
1. First go to your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Now go to the Theme / Template and click on Edit HTML.
3. Now press Ctrl + F and search by typing in the Description and Keyword.
4. If you find description and keyword, write some 150 to 160 words about your blog in the description and add the keyword related to your blog from Keyword.

5. Now save the template in the last.
So friends can add Meta tags to your blogger blog like this, now you have understood that Meta Tag is hot and blog is added to the tag tag, which is very important for your blogger. Rank in search engine.

I hope you liked this post if you have any problem adding to the Meta tag blog, then tell us in the comments and share this post with your friends on social media.

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