How To Backlink From Blogger Blog, Comment Your Blog Blogger Blog.

How To Backlink From Blogger Blog, Comment Your Blog Blogger Blog.
Hello Friends, Today in this post, I am talking about how to backlink from the blogger blog.

What is the backlink that I have not been able to say to all the people, do not worry because I have a 'backlink or what is the benefit'? backlink ke bare me jaan sakte hai

All blogs or blogs are important for backlinks because it's a high quality blog that can be used like this, all the bloggers or website owners have to go to the backlink bananas so that they can go to the blog's blog rank.

Backlink has created a great way to create a link for your blog, or if it is possible to create a link for my blog or blog on my blog, then I have commented on the backlink.


It is possible that the blogger can not link to me, because it does not have any link or name in the blogger's blog or there is no option to add any word to the word or link to add word or phrase. If you have a blogger blog backlink or a blogger blog, you can reply to your blog by going to comment but yes it can not be answered and you can reply to your blog.

If the option to add a new option to the blogger's name or link is too small, then the option is to hide it as it is not being said to me, nor can the blogger enable the option of adding a name or link to the blog. I can comment on my blog or link to my blog or my name or website link.
How to backlink from the Blogger blog -

If you have any questions about how to make a blogger blog on your blog, then follow the steps to get your blog removed, even if your blog is linking to your blog.

1. Open a blog on your blog and go to

2. Do not open any blog before opening a blog.

3. Open the post before you can read it or read it in the comments section.

4. Above all, the blogger's blog has a comment box.

5. Click on the name of the Google Account name as soon as you are able to access the address box.

6. Here you will see some options. You can click on the name / url.

7. If you want to add a new name or link to your address, click here.

8. Please enter the name of the name or the name of the url as soon as you enter it in the name of the blog url type.

9. Click on the name or url type to continue.

10. Now write the comment which you want to write in the comment box.

11. After typing the comment in the comment box, you will now click on Publish.
12. After your comment has been published, something like this will appear.
13. If you want to open a comment on the name of the Apache blog then click on it.

14. Ab apka blog link successfully blogger blog me commented

15. Isi type from other blogger blog can also comment on your blog.

This blog is a blogger blog that can link to your blog or can also add a link to your blogger blog, so that you can easily add your Facebook account to Facebook and other social media. jarur kare

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