How to do Facebook profile picture guard

Facebook Profile Picture Guard Ko Use Kaise Kare

Facebook is a social networking site where any content is very viral, whether it is a video or a photo. When a user becomes an ID on Facebook, then they add a profile picture to show their identity. It is necessary that no other user is able to misuse your photograph, but it does not happen to attract the photo They download those photos or share it with others. In this case, your photo gets misused, but for this, Facebook has posted 21st June, 2017 for the profiles of the users. To protect the photo from misuse, Facebook launched a tool named 'protect guard', which will help you to avoid misuse of your profile photo. 

Before any user could download your profile photo, with this tool you can stop the downloading of sharing of your profile photo. This tool is more beneficial for female users because people in our country are very fond of making fake IDs That's because most people make fake IDs in the name of girls and hundreds of photos are created, which are all faked, if we survey users on Facebook Programming will the girls have to be more given was fake, let us know how to protect your Facebook profile photo |

How To Protect Facebook Profile Photo From Profile Picture Guard
  • First log in to your Facebook  account.

  •  Now click on your profile picture and then click on option below profile photo, you have to click on turn on profile picture guard.

  • Now you will open the profile picture guard's Benefit screen, click on Next.
  •  Now you will see a full view of your protected profile photo in which you will also see the Shield icon.
  •  Now in the last click on Save and save your profile photo will be protected.
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