How To Pay Offline Without Petal Without Internet

How To Pay Offline Without Petal Without Internet

How to Use Paytm Without Internet Offline: PettyM is a very important app for online transactions. Millions of users have joined with PetiM In such a situation, Paytm has also taken the method of making offline payments by looking at Internet facility in India. Now comes two new ways to make offline payments. In these two ways, Without Internet you will be able to send Paise to any Paytm user. Very often it happens that our mobile data is lost, but you will have to know how the speed of Internet is here, in this it is proving to be very great for Paytm because now you can not pay Internet from Paytm Can do it.
How To Pay Offline Without Petal Without Internet
How To Pay Offline Without Petal Without Internet

The company has issued a toll-free number 1800 1800 1234 for the use of Petmi without internet. With the help of which you will be able to make payments without internet, you have to follow the tips given below.
The first method of transition without internet
1. The user has to call his registered number to set his PIN. After this, you will receive a voice message, in which you will be given a callback.
2. Talk to the call and listen to the full information and then proceed further.
3. After this you will be asked to set your PIN.
4. After this you can pay.
Now for online payment, you will not need internet to pay your bill in recharge and recharge from the shop. Without internet, you can also pay.

Other Way of Internet Transaction
Users can now send money to the internet without patiala. PettyM Company has recently announced to launch the Pretty map Tap Card for this. With this help, payment can be made without internet. The speciality of the PETI Tapes card will be: -
1. With the help of this tap cart, there can be completely secured digital transactions in NFC POS Terminus in a second.
2. Verify the printed QR code on this tap card in any POS or add value machine and add money to your petty account.
You will have to wait a bit to get this feature right now. So you can do Bina Internet Offline Payment in this way.
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