Identify the fake messages of WhatsApp, if not ready to go to jail

Identify the fake messages of WhatsApp, if not ready to go to jail

Social Media's most popular, Whatapp, has launched an awareness campaign to help prevent and stop the spread of false information, fraudulent and fake news to users, because the wrong message being forwarded on the WhatsApp has caused many deaths to many people. What's been investigated in Whatapp is going on to reduce the issue of fake news on WhatsApp, the company has taken strict action to send the message

Now whatever you have done, send the wrong message to others, then refine it or else you can be jail. Facebook-owned Whatteep has given 10 tips to identify messaging like fake news and rumors to its users by placing advertisements in news papers. |

The fake message of such a recognized Facebook

  • Whenever you receive a freeapp forward message, you should check that message correctly. Do not share it further without testing it.
  • If there is any message received on the WhatsApp, which has been sent for the purpose of provoking one's feelings. Do not send it to anyone further, you delete it immediately. Also report or send warning to the sender.
  • Gramer Mistake's mistake messages are fake and false. Quickly delete such messages and send it to no one.
  • If you are making all kinds of mistakes too, then you are entitled to crime and be prepared to cut off the punishment because it is also taking strict action.
  • If the link in the message is from a familiar or known site, but if it has a misspelled or strange character, then it is possible that something is wrong. So do not forward the message forward.
  • If you receive the same message again and again, get help from another news site to check the news or check it out from TV. If that incident has been written in many places then it can be true.
  • If you think that you are getting messages directly from any number, then block the user. Apart from this, you have left the rumor group.
  • There are times too many messages that make it a bit difficult to believe. Such messages are not often true. In this case, you can find out from other sources that how much truth is there in that message.
  • If you get a photo and video on the WhatsApp, check it carefully and look at it carefully. Photos and videos are often sent by editing.
  • Whatapp has also told its users that fake news often gets viral and just because a message is shared several times, which is not true.

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