Google Photos Use Kaise Kare: Photos Ko LifeTime Ke Liye Save Kaise Kare

Google Photos Use Kaise Kare: Photos Ko LifeTime Ke Liye Save Kaise Kare

What were the days when people kept their data stored in hard disk DVD and pen drives, but now technology has increased significantly and today's time is of cloud storage, cloud storage means keeping your data stored online | If you are an Android user or have a Gmail account, then you can store your photos and videos online for a lifetime. Google offers many such services to its users, for which the rest of the companies charge. In this blog post, you will learn how to store Google Photos Use Kaise Kare or even store your photos for them.

Google Photos Kya Hai

It's a service from Google that lets you store your photos and videos on Google's servers for help.

The Google Photos App is made in the mobile of all Android users. You only have to set your photos to save the Lifetime once, after which the photos you click on your camera are automatically uploaded to Google Photos. No one else can see your data in Google Photos, so you do not need to worry about any other human being accessing your data.

Google Photos I can keep you unlimited photos and videos, and for this you do not have to pay anything.

Google Photos Use Kaise Kare (How To Use Google Photos In english)

You must have a Google Account to use Google Photos.

1- First of all you have to open this application in your mobile.

2- Here you have to login with your Gmail ID, if you are using 2 Gmail ID, here you have to select the ID in which you want to store your photos, after which you click on the "Settings" button. Is there.

3- After clicking on the settings button, lots of options will be opened to you, here you have to click on "Back up and sync".

The 4-by default Back Up & Sync button remains disabled, you have to enable it by clicking on it.

5- After this, if you have logged in with two email IDs, then you have to select the Gmail ID on which you want to upload your photos and videos.

6- In this step, you have to select the upload size. Here you get two options: First High Quality Free Unlimeted Stote in which you can upload up to 16 megapixels photos and up to 1080p video. There is no limit to the number of photos and videos you can store here.

In the second option, you can upload photos up to 16 megapixels and 2K, 4K quality video, but you only get 15 GB of storage which is combined with your Gmail and all other Google products.

7 - The photo or video that you click with the camera will automatically be stored in Google Photos, but if you want to select another folder also by clicking the "Device Folder" button.

Downloading photos from Google Photos - Now if you ever want to download your photo back in the future, it is also very easy for you to click on the photo you want to download, after which you will see the top 3 After clicking on you will get the option to set-to-device.

Use Google Photos in PC

You can also use Google Photos in a computer, for this you have to open Google Photos in your browser, you can also open it by clicking here - Google Photos

In the computer, you can upload photos or videos by clicking on Upload. You can also upload by Drag & Drop.

 Google Photos

Important point

You must have a Google Account to use Google Photos.
You have to remember the Gmail Account that you have done it because why your mobile gets lost or lost, so you have to log in with the same Gmail ID to get your data back.
The data stored in Google Photos remains the same as long as your Gmail ID remains, so do not delete it anytime and remember your Username.
In Google Photos, you can share any photo or video with anyone.
You can also edit photos in Google Photos.
Google Photos is the cheapest and secure platform to store online photos.
You can also get access to Google Photos from your partner, and if you wish, you can set a special folder or time in which only front access will be accessible. 18 Google Photos Features

Thank you Google Photos Use Kaise Kare You got a better understanding of this and in the future you will store your photos and videos on Google Photos. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you should reach the page with the help of the comment box.

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