Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Do you lose your pockets for this smartphone?

 Review: Do you lose your pockets for this smartphone?

This new smartphone is priced at Rs. 15,999 and with this, Asus is going to give a tough competition to Genfox Max Pro M1 and Shaomi Mi A2. Here the collision of Mi A2 and Nokia 6.1 Plus is also big because both of these are Android One smartphones, so who is better with this experience, it becomes visible.
Nokia 6.1 Plus Review Do you lose your pockets for this smartphone

Nokia finally launched its latest smartphone Nokia 6.1 Plus in India. This new smartphone is priced at Rs 15,999 and will be available exclusively for sale on Flipkart from August 30.

With this price, this new smartphone is going to give tough competition to Asus Genfong Max Pro M1 and Shaomi Mi A2. Here the collision of Mi A2 and Nokia 6.1 Plus is also big because both of these are Android One smartphones, so who is better with this experience, it becomes visible. We found a unit of this smartphone for use, after which we are going to tell you whether you should buy this smartphone or not after the full test.

                      Nokia 6.1 Plus Specifications
Display:- 5.8 inches Full HD Plus (2280 x 1080 pixels)

Processor:- 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 636

Memory:- 4GB + 32GB, 4GB + 64GB

Software;- Android 8.1 Orio

Rear Camera:- Dual: 16MP + 5MP

Selfie Camera:- 16MP Megapixel

Battery:- 3060mAh

What is special

Perhaps many men did not like to read this but I thought this smartphone was pretty cool for the first time. It's a lightweight and compact smartphone that gives you the Comfortable Feel for the first time. At the same time, the top-notch has been smaller than the rest of the smartphones and side badges are also very low. Not only that, when you look at its glass designs, you can understand that Nokia 6.1 Plus I thought it was a smart smartphone for all these reasons.

The weight of this smartphone is only 151 grams and it is only 8mm thick. In this, there is a dual rear camera setup in vertical size on the back, with a fingerprint sensor just below it and around it is given a light ring like a silver colour which looks attractive with its dark colour.

The display
The Nokia 6.1 Plus has a 5.88 inch full HD + IPS LCD display with screen resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels and its uncompressed ratio is 19: 9. Colour saturation is good in its display and any text is visible to you very clean and clear. If you want you can also change the font of the display to your settings in the settings.

Apart from this, we also saw some videos playing on this smartphone, and there was also very bright colour and detailing. Although there is a reduction in the time of testing, it is a reflexive display, so that using smartphones is difficult in outdoor and sunny conditions.

The performance
The Nokia 6.1 Plus features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage capacity. Its lightweight user interface and snapdragon 636 processor give it a smoother performance. Under this, if you want to do multi-tasking in it or just browse through different pages on the chrome, there is no problem like hang or lag. On the other hand, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, easily handle games like gaming.

This smartphone is with the Android 8.1 OS operating system and is included under the Android One program. Which means that the stock Android Experience is available only in smartphones with Google pixels. For this reason, the problem of bloatware is very low and only a few selected apps are available from Google.

The user interface of this smartphone is also quite smoother and its use also seems convenient and easy. In it, the notification panel and app drawer white are automatically turned into black or white colour depending on the colour of wallpaper like the rest of Android One smartphones. Apart from this, there have been some jacuzzi features in it.

What are the drawbacks in it

As we have already told you that Nokia 6.1 Plus is absolutely compact and with a glass body. But where it looks good, but it is a lack of it that due to this the smartphone has to be taken very carefully because nobody can take risks with the glass body. Apart from being weak in its glass body, there is another shortage that fingerprints are easily found on it. It is good that from the beginning it should be used with back cover so that the risk of breaking down the body will also be reduced and it will not even need to be cleaned again and again.

Gaming performance

We told you that it is easy to handle Lightweight games, but it is so difficult now that you have a new smartphone and do not play PUBG. That is, if you play high-intensive graphics games in it, it may be a little frustrating. It is not that such games like Hitman Sniper or Astto 9 cannot play in it, but do not expect that their performers will be great. At the same time, there is a problem of overheating in such games.

The camera

This Nokia smartphone is with a dual rear camera setup, in which there is a 16MP primary sensor and the second is a secondary sensor of 5MP, with the exceptionally f / 2.0 and 1-micron pixel size accuracy. It has a 16MP front camera for selfie and video calling. According to the company, its camera comes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) features and HDR support. Apart from this, this smartphone has a Bio sheet feature, so that the front camera and rear camera can be used simultaneously. (Nokia 6.1 plus camera samples)

Its camera performance can be better if the lighting is good, the colours in the pictures are quite natural, but there is a lack of detailing in them. At the same time, its performance average is seen in low-light conditions. Talk about its selfie camera, its performance is good and most importantly, its features feature well, which makes it the other most different.


Finally, talk about the Nokia 6.1 Plus battery, it has a battery of 3060mAh capacity. It runs smoothly throughout the day with normal use, but if you are a heavy user, then it can backup only 6-7 hours. Our daily use includes watching movies, listening to music, playing calls, web browsing, emailing and playing games. If the Nokia 6.1 Plus battery is compared to the battery of Asus Genfong Max Pro M1 and Shami Redmi Note 5 Pro, its performance is quite average.
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