What is Computer Memory

What is Computer Memory

What is Computer Memory (Computer Memory in Hindi): Computer Memory is like our brain, just as humans have the ability to store or memorize certain tasks, similarly in memory to remember the data in the computer ) It is like a chip in which the data store is stored memory is distributed among the units Let's know what is Computer Memory? What is
pc memory

Computer Memory Entity

Bit: Bit means Binary digit, it is made of two digits or 0 and 1 and the data flow in the computer is in binary digits only.
Nibble: The group of 4 bits together creates a Nibble called Nibble.

Byte: The group of 8 bits makes 1 Byte.

1 bit = 0, 1
4 bit = 1 Nibble
8 bit = 1 byte

1000 byte = 1 Kilo byte
1024 KB = 1 Mega Byte
1024 MB = 1 Giga Byte
1024 GB = 1 Tera Byte
1024 TB = 1 Peta Byte
1024 PB = 1 Exa Byte
1024 EB = 1 Zetta Byte
1024 ZB = 1 Yotta Byte
Types of computer memory

Computer memory is mainly divided into two parts
1. Primary Memory
2. Secondary Memory

1. Primary Memory
Primary memory is also called Main Memory or Volatile Memory. This is the computer's temporary memory in which the data storage and instructions are stored until the computer's power is on. If the computer stops before saving the file then your data means that File gets the primary memory to delete automatically, it is the computer's internal memory, for example, Ram and Rom

RAM: - Ram's full name is Random Access Memory. It is the computer's main memory. It is called Read and Write Memory of the computer system. This is the following kind of SRAM, DRAM, SDRAM etc.

ROM: - The full name of ROM is Read Only Memory and it is a Non-Volatile Memory. This is Permanent Memory of Computer. It contains Data Storage and Programmatically Permanent Story. ROM Memory can be lost only by CPU and no one The change the be made, it is of the following types such as PROM, EPROM, EEPROM etc.

Cache Memory: - This memory is also called CPU memory, it is a type of RAM but the microprocessor of the computer accesses the cache memory faster than a normal RAM.

2. Secondary Memory:- 
Secondary Memory is used to store data and programs permanently, it is called Non-Volatile Memory because the data stored on the computer remains safe, i.e. the data stored is not lost. It is External or Permanent Memory, it is of the following types of HardDisk, Floppy Disk, CD (Compact Disk), DVD () Digital Video Disk, Memory Card (Synchronous Disk), Flash Drive ( Pen Drive), Blu Ray Disk, External Hard Disk, etc.

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