Anil Ambani s firm in Rafael Deal

Anil Ambani's firm in Rafael Deal

Know why, despite being involved in debt, Anil Ambani's company Dassault chooses paternity in the Rafael deal.

In the world, Dalmat, the leading defence major in the world, chose Anil Ambani's company at Rafael Deal. This question is rising in the eyes of everyone. When these questions were asked by NDTV tried to find out the answer, the sources of Tas Dassault gave their arguments. Company sources said on condition of anonymity that the firm chose Anil Ambani's firm, as it is registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, as well as Nagpur's land, which will provide runway facility. However, these arguments from Dassault will not reduce the number of attacks on government against the Rafael Deal of the opposition Congress, which is not such a possibility...

Anil Ambani's firm in Rafael Deal

The opposition has alleged that the $ 8.6 billion deal for the purchase of 37 Rafael aircraft was finalized in the personal dialogue, in which an attempt was made to benefit Anil Ambani through the use of Croni Capitalism. During the visit to France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Rafael Deal in 2016. For several months the opposition Congress has been raising the issue of Rafael Deal wrongly.It is the claim that the Modi Government paid not only more in the purchase of plane but also did not have transparency in the deal. The Government, while reversing these allegations, is saying that the Congress is alleging no evidence. The government is telling that the Rafael Deal was started only during the UPA government.

In the last week, the Opposition Congress had a big weapon in hand, when a statement from former French President Francois Oland was revealed, in which the former President had said that Reliance was made a partner on the Indian government's proposal, besides that we had no choice. One day later, however, he said- Dassault should be asked whether he was forced to make Reliance as partner in the form of offsite partner. According to the contract, Dassault will have 50 percent of the total value ie Rs 30 thousand crore in the defence sector. On the other hand, Dassault insists that he was not impressed with choosing Anil Ambani. Sources told NDTV that when the elder brother Mukesh Ambani came to the hands of Anil Ambani, RIL's defence company, then Daslot started the conversation.

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. It is important that two months later, the announcement of the Rafael Deal was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rafael Deal, however, started in the Manmohan Singh government, the first public sector company HAL has been playing a strong role in this deal. HAL's role was set to construct a total of 108 planes. At that time Mukesh Ambani's firm was a partner, but his firm's role was not entirely clear, according to Dassault, talks began with Mukesh Ambani firm since 2012, later came to the company of his younger brother Anil Ambani. There is one more thing. Just a day before the purchase of 39 Rafael planes, a statement from the boss of Rafael's parent company Dassault was revealed, in which he had said that he is in the process of making a partnership with HAL. The Congress related video of Eric Trappier, chairman of Dallas, has been released on social media. Through which Congress has accused the Modi government of shifting HAL and taking sides in Anil Ambani's deal. However, people defending the Rafael deal argue that HAL has taken herself out of the race because the time required for the construction of the aircraft and the need for human resources was high.

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