How To Transfer ATM Card Fund To ATM Card

How To Transfer ATM Card Fund To ATM Card

ATM Card to ATM Card Money Transfer Kaise Karen: Hello friends In today's post we are talking about how to transfer funds from another ATM card to another ATM card, there are many ways to transfer money to anyone in the bank account. Such as OnlineBanking, Mobile Banking, Cheque etc. But sometimes we do not have access to these things, in such a way, you can transfer money to another's bank account via ATM Card, so let's know we have an ATM Card at from AT How to transfer Money into M Card
How To Transfer ATM Card Fund To ATM Card

How ATM card can be transferred to ATM card

It is very easy to transfer funds from one ATM to another ATM card, for that you need to have your own ATM and the ATM card you want to transfer into the card should have a 16 digit number of cards. The tips are given below to transfer the funds Follow

1. First, go to any ATM booth and swipe your card, as soon as you swipe the card, your language will be asked to select Hindi or English accordingly.

2. Now you will be asked to enter the ATM PIN number and press the Yes button by entering the PIN.

3. After the PIN is entered, some options will be shown on the display, in which you have to click on the "Transfer" option to send the Card to Card Fund.

4. After clicking on "Transfer" you will see different types of options on the screen but you have to select the Card to Card Fund Transfer option.

5. Now after dialling the card number of the person you want to transfer the fund, click on the Yes button.

6. After clicking on yes, you will be asked to re-enter the card number, interconnect card number and press yes button.

7. In the next screen, you have to enter Amount as much as you want to transfer. Click on Yes. One thing to note is that every bank's fund transfer limit is different here we are talking about State Bank ATM fund transfer. The limit is 40,000 rupees.

8. On the Yes, you will be asked the account type in which you want to transfer funds from either of the Current Account or Saving Account.

9. This message will be displayed after selecting the account "Your transaction is processed please wait .." Now the funds will start transferring. You have to wait a little longer to get your receipt once the fund's transfer is done.

So in this way, you can hassle the ATM Card to ATM Card Fund Transfer. We hope you will now be able to transfer money to any ATM Card from your ATM Card by visiting any ATM booth if you want to read Bank related posts. To subscribe to our website's newsletter.
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