Rahul Gandhi said - We want, behind your phone and shirt and under the shoe, Made by HAL is written

Rahul Gandhi said - We want, behind your phone and shirt and under the shoe, Made by HAL is written

Rahul Gandhi said that those who have stolen from the Indian Air Force, stolen in Raphael, have stolen in business and e-tendering, and we are also going to put them in jail.

Rahul Gandhi said - We want, behind your phone and shirt and under the shoe, Made by HAL is written

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a two-day visit to Madhya Pradesh. On Thursday, Rahul Gandhi first performed puja at Chitrakoot's Kamayantath Temple and other leaders, including party president Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia, president of the campaign committee, were present in the temple. After this, the Congress chief sat in the bus and left for Satara from Rewa. Addressing a crowded crowd on his road at Rewa in Rewa, Rahul Gandhi said that those who steal from India's air force, have stolen in Raphael, occupation and e-tendering, they are also going to put us in jail. Raising the issue of purchasing Rafael, he said that the purchase of Rafael fighter aircraft has gone wrong, Modi has taken a contract from Bharat Govt. Company Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) to help his friend Anil Ambani, a private company, Ambani, The airline had Rs 526 crore in the Congress era, but now it is being bought at a rate of Rs 1600 crore per aircraft. "

Rahul Gandhi said that we want you to write Made in Madhya Pradesh, behind your phone, behind your shirt and under shoe. We want to be made Made in India, we want to write MED BY HAL. Rahul said, "Modi government has made a deal to buy the combat rafale aircraft worth Rs 526 crore for Rs 1600 crore." He said that Modi snatched the contract from HAL and gave Anil Ambani a contract worth 30, 000 crores, who paid 10 days Already this company was open and they have no experience in making aircraft. Anil Ambani already has a loan of Rs 45,000 crore. Rahul said, 'This money belongs to the people of the country. He said, 'The watchman has taken money from the pocket of the poor, the youth, the farmers and others and has given to Ambani.'

From BHEL to mobile, who make shirts and boots from HAL, to say this strange thinking and vision, "Your own Buffalo, your own anger"

Following Rahul Gandhi's statement, Union Minister Thavarchand Gehlot has said that from BHEL, who will make shirts and shoes from BHEL to make shirts and boots, what would they call this strange thinking and vision? Will be Gracious lord

Rahul addressing the crowd in Rewa generally gives the opportunity of youth to the system of education. Shivraj Chauhan did the work of selling Madhya Pradesh's education system. 50 people have been killed. He said that thousands of young people are appearing here. Prime Minister promised to provide employment to 20 million youth every year. Modiji had told the truth to you or lie. Modi ji made a false promise to all of you. Modi ji has not given any employment to any youth in India.

The Congress President said that the Rafael who purchased the RAFL for 526 crod, the same Rafael was bought by Modi ji in 1600 crores. The country's watchman has put 30,000 cod  re rupees of Air Force in Anil Ambani's pocket. Who does not get the eye from the eye, who steals. The janitor of the country was stolen. He said that if Hindustan Finance Minister meets Vijay Mallya and Vijay Mallya tells Arun Jaitley that I am going to London. So what should be with Arun Jaitley? Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi, Mehul Choksi line is engaged. Brothers and sisters is a watchman thief.

He said that the Prime Minister says that we will establish the statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat, but it is unfortunate that the idol of Iron Man will be written on 'Made in China', because China is building its construction. He said that it is an insult to the patriot, freedom fighters fighter and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who is building the country. Taking a dig at Prime Minister Modi and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Rahul said that two machines are working in the country. The first is 'Modi machine which is a lie machine' and the second 'Shivaraj's announcement machine' which only makes announcements. Because of this both of them lost the faith of the people of the country..

No need for mobile SIM purchase or bank account mandatory and aadhar

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