Android Phone Me App Hide Kaise Kare

Android Phone Me App Hide Kaise Kare

Hello, friends Welcome to technical tips sakr. Today we are going to tell you App Hide Kaise Kare If you want App Hide Karna then you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you that Android Phone Me

App Ko Unhide Kaise Kare This too you will learn today through this post. And we will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you will love our posts. And in the same way you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog.

Nowadays, we do most of the work on our mobile. And we also install many types of apps in our mobile, which we use. Many apps are such that we can not share with anyone in which we have personal details.

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Everything in the mobile is the app itself. And all the work is done through this. From this we have booked book tickets, booking money, booking train tickets, and we have started doing this from the mobile app. And for this reason, it is important to keep the Personal App hidden from anyone in the mobile. This also keeps our app secure.

So let's know now Whatsapp Hide Kaise Kare If you also want to hide an app in your mobile, then read the Android App Hide Kaise Kare from the beginning to the end. Only then will you be able to get full information about it.

App Hide Kaise Kare

To hide the app, we are telling you App Hide Karne Wala App. With which you can hide any app from your mobile home screen. So let's know App Hide Karne Ka Tarika:

1 Download App - First download this app in your mobile.

2 Install App - Install the app after downloading it.

3 Open App - And now you can use it by opening the App.

4 Go To Apex Setting - After opening the App, go to Apex Setting and go to Drawer Setting.

5 Tap On Hidden Apps - In Drawer Setting you have to click on the Hidden Apps option.

6 Select Apps - Here you will find a list of all installed Installed Apps on your phone. Tick it to any application you want to hide.

7 Tap On Save - Now after tick on the app you want to hide, click Save. So in this way you can hide any app with Apex Launcher very easily.

App Ko Unhide Kaise Kare

Solo Launcher
Android Phone Me App Hide Kaise Kare

If you want to unhide the apps that you have hidden, then go to this step. And save any apps you have tick to hide the app next to it and save it. Your application will revert to the home screen:

1 Download App - First of all you have to download this app then download the app in your mobile.

2 Install App - After installing Solo Launcher, please install

3 Open App - Now open the app and open it. Then you can use it.

4 Menu Option - Go to menu after opening the app.

5 Hide App - In the menu you will see Hide App's option. Click on Hide App's option.

6 Select Apps - Now you will get all those apps that are in your mobile. Select any app you want to hide and hide it.

If you want to know that the apps you have hid again, then open those App Ko Unhide Kaise Kare menu for that. Now remove the app that you had selected by app selection in front of Hide App. And if you save it then the apps you hid will be unhide.


With today's post, you have visited the App Kaise Hide Kare and we also told you that App Ko Unhide Kaise Kare hopes that the information we tell you will be useful to you.

If you also want to know that App Ko Hide Kaise Kare then you can take the help of this post. Hide App Kaise Dekhe You will know through today's post. And how did you find this information, let us know and comment?

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