Create your own apps with the help of these websites Full Detail

Create your own apps with the help of these websites 

Full Detail

If you want to develop an app but do not know how to do this, then some websites can help you with it.

Create your own apps with the help of these websites   Full Detail

This is a good platform to start making apps. This is a free site. You can create HTML5 applications in it, which is fit for almost every mobile operating system. On this site, you can create as many apps as you like. You do not have to pay a developer charge or publishing cost. The built-in wizard will help you build applications. It's as easy as choosing an app type and choosing one of the options (background, colour, section, number of pages). Once you complete the process, you can submit the application. Your app is according to the Market Quality Standard and whether it will work well or not, the application team also checks it out.

This site provides information about the application process. In the site, you are told about the framing of applications and difficult things. You can develop iOS and Android apps in the site. This way of creating an application, advanced users love it. You can start from the online control panel, but you have to download the source code on your personal computer. To use the free software exode for iOS or Eclipse for Android, download the app so that the app can run. No coding knowledge will be required to prepare the application. This site will also provide you with all the links.

This site also helps in preparing applications. It can be features like videos, interactive maps, photo galleries, music players, or RSS news/feeds. The banner ads that you will create in this site free of charge If you want to keep the app ad-free, then you have to pay $ 99 (Rs 6,040). If you do this, you can also sell the app.

On this site, you can create social networking applications and share it with friends. In the free package, you can prepare applications on pre-fixed templates such as photos, video sharing, chat rooms, twitter, community rooms.

This is for the Android platform. You can login to it using your Google Account. In this you will get more features than other sites. You can add screens to this site, set animations and social network connectivity.

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