Internet Kya Hai step by step jankari

Internet Kya Hai step by step jankari

Hello friends welcome you in our blog technical tips sakir, how are you all hope you all will be okay in this post we will tell you today that the Internet Kya Hai Yes Yes we are in this post in the internet Kya Hai in  All we know about Internet is as many people who are just reading the post of my blog. Everyone knows Internet very well and everyone is aware but friends, D Information is to be given if you also want to know what is Internet Kya Hai then keep reading this post from beginning to end.

Internet Kya Hai step by step jankari

As we all know that internet has become very important in today's world, if we look around us, then we will see internet being used everywhere, so our team thought that why not all our users Let us go to the internet and tell us what is the usefulness of internet in today's time, with this, today's post should be started.

What is internet

The full type of web is "Interconnected Computer Networks" and it has been known as the Intergalactic in Hindi. It is a system that interfaces every one of the clients with no wires, Internet is the world's biggest system, with the assistance of the Router Connects two PCs, in the event that it is said in basic words, to relate data starting with one PC then onto the next PC, the association that is made by TCP/IP convention is called Internet. 

Web has been exceptionally valuable in this day and age, the greater part of the work without web is inconceivable in the event that we can converse with a man sitting in plants with the assistance of web, that individual with video call I We can talk up close and personal, and numerous more unthinkable assignments have been conceivable with the assistance of web, these days in each administration office, with the assistance of Internet, all the work is conceivable, web has turned into our prerequisite today, Neither would you be able to think about the present daily practice of Internet, so we will give you some web related data today. Continue perusing the post.

Search the Internet

So friends now come to know that we are all connected with the help of internet that many people have connected with the internet ki Khoj Kisne ki so many people had the hand in making the Internet. First of all, this idea of making Leonard Kleinrock the Internet, after that 1962 JCR Licklider took help from Robert Taylor and implemented that plan and decided to make the Internet, then the network that was created was named "ARPANET", and when that network was commercially used, Name "TEL NET "was given the Internet in this way.

History of internet

In 1969, the Department of Defense in the U.S. Department of Defense called "Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA)", which was used to exchange secret information, Ray Tomlinson, who is an American Computer Programmer, 1971 The first was sent to E-mail. As it came to know its advantages, the usage of internet was increasingly used, the use of Internet in India had started since 1980, and in today's date, the number of users of Internet has turned into crores, Of which we and you are also an internet user.

Utility of internet

In today's world there is a great need of Internet and the utility of Internet is very much without much work to do without internet, the utility of Internet is the following -

The vast majority of the web is utilized for correspondence, indeed, with the assistance of web, we can converse with any individual sitting near the individual, for this there is a ton of administration accessible on the web, from which we meet the individual sitting endlessly Talk to you without intrusion, for example, Video Call, E-mail, Chat and so on. This is conceivable because of web, so web is viewed as exceptionally valuable.

To find information

Whenever we have any problems or any questions, we ask our elders, but when they do not even get the answer, then only we can help only the Internet, yes, that friends, we have a lot of search on the internet. Engine is available which has the answers to all our questions, or whenever we have to search for any information we can use them.

For education (education)

Regardless of whether we need to utilize Internet for training, we can do as such, there is a great deal of AC site accessible on the Internet that associates us with instruction. We can take learning from the best educators of the world, Whether it very well may be found in that field, it is called E-learning, and on the off chance that you contemplate in a school and you need some data about your school, you can likewise get it with the assistance of web, similar to your The time table of the exam, your course charges or some other help is effortlessly accessible at home with the assistance of web.

For Shopping (Online Shopping)

Prior web based shopping had not been utilized so much but rather it has been utilized particularly for a few years, it is called web based business, with the assistance of sitting in the house with the assistance of home, we can purchase a wide range of products at whatever point we have any frill If you arrange on the web, at that point we have a home conveyance. There are numerous web based business sites accessible on the web from which we can bring any products, it is being utilized especially these days and it is particularly in pattern. Missed it, being just utilized step by step develops, Internet this work without the incomprehensible |

Entertainment (Entertainment)

Whenever we feel boredom, we can use Internet for entertainment; many websites are on the internet, on which we can see songs, videos, movies, etc., we can also play online video games, we can Online books, which are called e-books, can also be read with the help of internet.

Nuksan in Hindi

The Internet we are so connected to as much as we are using it is the same Internet ke Nuksan in Hindi also they are -

1 Whenever we use internet banking, it is a danger that no hacker can steal our password or any other information, so there is a danger.

2 If we visit any AC website that automatically downloads the virus, then the virus can come in your system.

3 If a hacker attacks your IP address, it can steal your personal information.

Whenever you use Internet, be careful if we get help from it, we have a loss from it, but if we use it carefully, we can take advantage of it very much.

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