What is Facebook Watch? And How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch?

What is Facebook Watch? And How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch?

friends What do you want to know about the Facebook watch, what is the Facebook watch (what is Facebook watch in Hindi) and how to earn money from Facebook watch can you find answers to all your questions in this post? About all types of questions that you need to know about the Facebook watch! As we know today, there is a lot of discussion on Facebook Watch as soon as possible, so to complete its full information, you will read this article so that you will get all of your responses.

What is Facebook Watch And How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch

What is Facebook Watch? (What is Facebook watch)

Facebook has recently launched its video streaming service, its competitors such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix have challenged the video streaming platform, that is, Facebook has started a video platform similar to YouTube, which is Facebook Watch. In today's time, Facebook has brought a great news for video creators, it is very good news for those youtube were able to earn a lot of money by uploading videos to YouTube. Now they can upload their videos in Facebook Watch also Why YouTube and others will be able to earn The Facebook watch has been launched to hit the video platform. Facebook has launched Facebook watch on the last 29th of August, 2018, all over the world, as well as video creators of YouTube, in this program, even on their content on Facebook. You can upload money by making money as we know that people could put their videos on Facebook before, but the first videos were not being monetized, but now Facebook has announced that social media creators will be able to give their content to their content. Can also monetize on Facebook So they will get the same amount of money as YouTube

Features of Facebook Watch

Now Facebook has been launched all over the world and as we know people spend most of their time on Facebook in today's time, so that people can view their favorite videos on Facebook as per their IQ, so watch Facebook It is important to know about the features of this feature. So let us know about some of its features.

  • With this, you can see all the new videos in your news feed. Users do not need to go further and this watch will be completely personalized like YouTube i.e. just like youtube that will show your likes and videos in the video list. You can see it and you can change it accordingly.
  • Apart from facebook watch, it also offers the convenience of video personalized recommendation to users like youtube, in which if you are looking at any videos, its videos can be liked by the same video or the type of videos you like. Your recommendation will appear in the list.
  • It provides the convenience of connecting with its followers or fans as soon as you subscribe, that is, if you are watching and subscribing to a video, then all the viewers can also chant the talk through live chat or comment. is.
  • During the show or in live videos, you have also added a comment-like privilege, that is, you can live comments in a live show in the same live show as you can with live viewers and fans.
  • This will show all your favourite creators videos in your news feed, which you can personalize on your own.

How to earn money from the Facebook watch?

Friends All of these were for Facebook users but now the question is, if you want to earn money by becoming a Facebook videos creator then what you have to do and how much you can earn from it and according to YouTube, Facebook How much revenue creators are sharing on watch, so let's know about it from the bed.

Facebook watch Revenue Share

Friends, Facebook Watch also has the same revenue share as YouTube, you will get 55% and the rest holds 45% of Facebook.

What is the need for the Facebook creator program?

If you want to join the Facebook watch program, first of all, it will have to be prepared as we know that any program joining has to meet some of its requirements in order to join it, Requirements that must be completed

  • Uploads to your Facebook Page should be at least 3 minutes on all videos.
  • There is more than 10,000 Follower on your Facebook page and more than 30,000 viewers on the content published in the page in the last 2 month, which has been watched at least 1 minute on every view.
Facebook Video Streaming With Earn Money With Ad, you can check whether your Page is eligible for Facebook Watch and if not, then what requirements do you need for this which you can fulfil?

So far, the Facebook watch is not available in India and soon it is going to start in India, after which you can also try to join the program, but from now on you can prepare your page so that when you complete it in India After the launch, you can join immediately.

Friends, we hope you have found information that what is Facebook Watch? And How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch? If you have any questions or suggestions then you can comment.

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