WWE News: Biggest News of the day - November 3, 2018

WWE News: Biggest News of the day - November 3, 2018

WWE News: John Cena's hijacked WWE Championship record

AJ Stiles has since been in WWE, since then he is in the list of the company's biggest superstars. A new record has been added to the name of The Finominal One AJ Stiles. Styles have become WWE Champion, the 10th longest Champion Champion. AJ Stiles has become WWE Champion for more than 360 days. Here only WWE Championships are included, this does not include the World Heavyweight Championship or the Universal Championship.

WWE News: Biggest News of the day - November 3, 2018

WWE Champion, the longest champion

Bruno Sammartino- 2,803 days

Bob Becklan - 2, 315 days

Hulk Hogan- 1,474 days

Bruno Samartin- 1,237 days

Pedro Morales- 1,027 days

CM Punk- 434 days

John Cena- 381 days

Randy Savage - 371 days

Hulk Hogan-364

AJ Stiles- 360+ days

41 years old AJ Stiles captured the WWE Championship in November last year defeating Jindar Mahal. The Finominal One has remained champion since November 7, 2017. In the Crown Jewel, AJ Stiles has to defy against his title Samoa. Seeing the current situation, the styles are losing titles.

AJ Stiles will break Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and John Cena's title record in the coming days. If WWE AJ Stiles is liked in the same way, that day is not far away, after Brock Lesnar, AJ Stiles will also break the record of CM Punk.

Finominal One AJ Stiles, succeeded outside the WWE, debuted in 2016. Stables became the company's biggest superstar since the Royal Rumble in the year of debut. He has done a fantastic job against rascals such as Chris Jericho, Roman Renaissance, Dean Ambrose, Jindar Mahal, Nakamura, Brock Lesnar. On Friday night, AJ Stiles will save his title and move his steps towards Cena's record.

WWE News: The statement given by Superstar Neoemy on the Roman Renae's leukemia illness

The former Universal Champion Roman Rena announced a leukemia illness (a kind of blood cancer), with the WWE as well as the whole wrestling world. The heart of millions of fences broke, whereas some eyes looked soft. The Roman Ranes was WWE's biggest stars who piled up the legends, but once again they got into the grip of leukemia. Let me tell you that even 11 years ago, Rhens had this disease but they had won it.

WWE superstars and fans are wishing for their recovery soon after the news of the Roman Renaissance disease. Bron Storman was also struggling to get his cure done during a live event with a banner like Get Well Soon and We Miss You. Now Roman Rena's sister-in-law, Neoomi, who is the wife of Cannes brother Jimi Uso of Rena, and in a relationship with Ryan, is also a big talk about Roman Rena.

When it comes to home sickness, it is a lot different. We hope these diseases do not come back again. Roman Ranes is a fighter and they will beat it. Even earlier they did this. Rense is getting the love of his family and fences as well as due. They will beat leukaemia.

The entire WWE Universe is standing with the Roman Rena, everybody wants to get the rance back in the ring soon. A few weeks ago Roman Rena had knocked at Raw and told Fans that his leukemia disease has come again and he would not be able to do rasling for some time. Roman Rance also left the Universal title but made it clear that he would return again and show off as a champion. Well, now it is necessary to see when the Roman Ranes comes again in the ring.

The full list of WWE Grand Slam champions made wrestlers

He is among the wrestler who won the WWE Modern Day Grand Slam Championship, who has won all the championships once in his career. In it, there are active titles that have been running for a number of years and will keep moving. These include the United States Championships, Intercontinental Championships, Tag Team Championships and WWE Championships. Only these four titles are included in the Modern Day Grand Slam Champion. Apart from this, some other championship titles also went but they stopped and were not included in the Grand Slam.

In the WWE career, only 12 wrestlers are the only ones who have won these four titles in their careers at least once. We will tell you about these Grand Slam champions.

1. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is the first such wrestler to win four championships in his career. Kurt Angle won the Intercontinental Championship in 2000. After this, it won the WWE Championship in 2000 itself. By winning the 2001 United States Championships and tag team championship in 2002, he became the first Grand Slam champion of WWE.

2. Eddie Guerrero

After Kurt Angle, he became the second Grand Slam Champion Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero became the second Grand Slam champion in the Intercontinental Championship in 2000, United States Champion and Tag Team Championship in 2002, and in 2004 he won the WWE Championship for the first time in 2004.

3. Aze

Edge won the Intercontinental Championship in 1999. After this, the United States Championships in 2001, Tag Team Championships in 2002, and in 2006 they won the WWE Championship to become the third Grand Slam Champion.

4. Big Show

Big Show won his first championship WWE Championship in 1999. In the United States Championships in 2003 and winning the Tag Team Championship in 2009. After a long time, he became Intercontinental Champion in 2012 and became the fourth Grand Slam Champion.

5. The Miz

After the Big Show, the fifth Grand Slam champion became Miss. He won the 2007 Tag Team Championship, the United States Championship in 2009, WWE Championships in 2010, and the Intercontinental Championship in 2012.

6. Daniel Brian

Daniel Bryan became WWE's sixth Grand Slam Champion by winning the 2007 World Championships, Tag Team Championship in 2012, WWE Championships in 2013 and Intercontinental Championships in 2015.

7. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho won the Intercontinental Championship in 1999 and the WWE Championship in 2001. After that, he became the Tag Team Champion in 2009 and won the first United States Championship in 2017, becoming the seventh Grand Slam champion.

8. Dean Ambrose

After Chris Jericho, Dean became Ambrose's Grand Slam Champion. He won the 2013 United States Championships, Intercontinental Championships in 2015, WWE Championships in 2016 and Tag Team Championship in 2017.

9. Roman Rains

The Tag Team Championships in 2013 became the ninth Grand Slam champion by winning the first WWE Championship in 2015, the Intercontinental Championship in 2016 and the United States Championship of 2017.

10. Randy Orton

After Roman, the 10th champion became Randy Orton. He won the first-ever United States Championship in the Intercontinental Championship in 2003, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2004, the Tag Team Championship in 2006, and 12 years later in 2018.

11. Sath Rollins

Tag Rolins became the next Grand Slam champion by winning the Tag Team Championship in 2003, the WWE Championship in 2016, and the United States Championship in 2016 and subsequent intercontinental championships in 2018.

12. Jeff Hardy

WWE's twelfth and last Grand Slam champion is Jeff Hardy. He won Intercontinental in 2001, Tag Team Championship in 2007, WWE Championship in 2008 and United States Championship in 2018, and at the same time he became the 12th Grand Slam Champion.

UFC News: Brock Lesnar now comes in front of me and slaps him.

On November 3 (November 4 in India), UFC's double champion Daniel Cormier will step into the octagon (Cage) to save the UFC Heavyweight Championship. In the UFC 226, Daniel Cormier defeated Steve Miocchi and won the heavyweight championship and became the second superstar to win two titles at the same time. The incident after the title match had drawn the attention of MMA and WWE Fans.

Brock Lesnar came to Cage and challenged Danielle Cormier to challenge him for the fight. Before the UFC 230 fight, Daniel Cormier appeared on the SiriusXM Busted Open show. During the show, Cormier again discusses Brock Lesnar's arrival and his preparation.

Daniel Cormier told that this time Brock is fully prepared for the arrival of Lesnar. UFC's double champion and Brock Lesnar's next potential UFC opponent, Cormier, said, "If they come in front of me then I'll slap them." I think Brock will definitely come to the Lesnar event but this time I have a chance to push him I will not. "

During UFC 226, Brock Lesnar hit the double champion by making a startling entry in the octagon and challenged him for the fight by scolding him. Now in the fight to come on 4th day in India, you can see this fight by going to Brock Lesnar Arena. If Danielle won Cormier, then Brock Lesnar might have to fight against Derrick Lewis. Whether the UFC is against Brock Lesnar against a major UFC fighter.

Brock Lesnar has to fight for the Universal championship in Saudi Arabia on November 2 ie today. The Beast Universal Champion can join the belt as well as events at UFC 230.

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