101 Top Useful Website list [2019]

101 Top Useful Website list [2019]

The internet is a great website, I have some useful websites, which can be useful for you, but I do not really want to use it.

We're going to share a list of useful websites, but we have a lot of useful information on how to translate them.
101 Top Useful Website list [2019]

Most Useful Website

1. archive.is: The website that allows users to save the online screenshot of the website, can save the original page, delete the original page.

2. autodraw.com : You can create doodles online by downloading anything down freely.

3. Fast.com : The speed of your internet you can check it. 

4. slides.com : With the help of this website, you can share your presentation with anyone from any device.

5. screenshot.guru : The full page of any website can take screenshots.

6. dictation.io : You can use this website to type by typing. 

7. reverse.photos : You can use this website to search match photos from any photo on Google.

8. copychar.cc : From this website you can copy any special variables and emoji, which are not in normative keywords.

9codeacademy.com :This is the best site to learn to coding.

10. noisli.com : You can use this website for the noise to focus your work.

11. iconfinder.com : You can download an icon from this website.

12. jotti.org : Any file can scan that there is no virus. Here's how to check online viruses.

13. wolframalpha.com : Here you can find the answer to any of your questions without searching.

14. flightstats.com :  You can see any of the flights from the world.

15. unsplash.com :   From this website, you can download the free image 11 Best Royalty Free Image website you can see here.

16. videos.pexels.com :  The best website for free stock videos, which we can use to create videos.

17.  everytimezone.com : This website can see the time of any location in the world.

18. timmer.hindimehelp.com : You can do this for the online timer of this website.

19. random.org :  Use this website to select a random number.

20. grammarly:  With the help of this website, you can correct your Grammer Mistake. You must install their browser extensions in the browser.

21. new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont :  Any text which is above any image can have a Konasa font that can be detected.

22. fonts.google.com :   Here you will find a large open source font collection that you can use.

23.  fontstruct.com :  You can make your own font by drooling.

24. alligraphr.com :  You can change your handwriting to a font.

25. exif.regex.info  Check hidden data of an image.

26. www.youtube.com/webcam :  Live computer browser

27 remotedesktop.google.com :   Remote access from one computer to another computer

28. .homestyler.com : Design and decorate the house here by designing it in 3d.

29. pdfescape.com :  Edit the PDF file directly on the PDF.

30. draw.io : Save diagrams, charts, flow graphs and save them.

31. web.skype.com :  Skype Calls can be done with Direct Browser.

32. onlineocr.net : You can redefine the online test with pdf.

33. wetransfer.com : Can easily share large files online.

34. file.pizza :  Peer to Peer can transfer the file, which means that the computer can be sent to a computer on a computer, then we can upload it online.

35. snapdrop : Transfer File on Same Network.

36. hundredzeros.com : Kindle Book can be down for free.

37. grammarly.com : Grammar Mistake can check. Ginger is also good.

38. noteflight.com :  Note that online music is available

39. translate.google.com : Kisi bhi language me translate kar sakte hai.

40. kleki.com : Online painting or sketch is available

41.  similarsites.com : Find out the relayed website from any website.

42. bubbl.us : Share Your Ideas With Online Mind Map

42. color.adobe.com :  Color Idea le sakte hai, or kisi bhi photo ka color pata kar sakte hai.

43. color.adobe.com : Color can take the idea, and colour of any photo can be detected.

44.  canva.com : Online Photo or Posted in

45. lmgtfy.com :  Google can offer demo search.

46. beta.midomi.com :  Can know the name of any song

47. history.google.com : The complete history of when you searched for Google More Google Search Tricks is here.

48. faxzero.com : Online Fax Send Free

49. tinychat.com : Make yourself an online chat room.

50. privnote.com :  Create a lexicon note which will be automatically deleted after reading.

51. Godaddy.com : You can register a domain for the best Domain Registration site.

52 squoosh.app :  Compress the image, the site also works offline too.

53. downforeveryoneorjustme.com :  Check any website to check whether it is down.

54. gtmetrix.com :  Check website performance, how much speed is it?

55. gtmetrix.com :  Check the details of any of the seats, hosting, email and what else they like.

56. urbandictionary.com :  Know the definition of any work.

57. eatguru.com :  Check the seats for any flight.

58. flightstats.com : Check status of the World.

59 mymaps.google.com :  Save yourself and make a customized make.

60. snopes.com : Check out the offer from the mail and it is real or sure.

61. typingweb.com : Online Type Prentice typing speed

62. Note.google.com :  Save list by writing break list and note.

63. note.hindimehelp.com : Online note in which you can write anything .. And this data remains in the browser even after closing.

64.  talltweets.com :  Convert Google slides to GIFT and share it on Twitter.

65. ifttt.com :  Can be able to content any app online.

66. gist.github.com :  Create secret anonymous notes

67. flipanim.com : Can do animated drawing.

68. powtoon.com : Animated Cartoon Video is Available

69. clyp.it :  Record the voice and create an account without uploading it online.

70. upload.hindimehelp.com :  Upload an online image and create an account without generating its link.

71. carrd.co : One Page Fully Responsive Website Design

72. spark.adobe.com :  Make your presentation video with your spell.

73. anchor.fm : Can easily record podcasts

74. duolingo.com : Learn any other language.

75. webmakerapp.com : HTML, CSS, JavaScript can be used on my website.

76. pixton.com :  Make a comic book by creating your own characters.

77. designer.gravit.io : The vector drawings can be found.

78. twitterbots : If you have a Twitter account, please click here or follow the link below.

79. headspace.com : Learn to do meditation, and improve your nature.

80. class-central.com : Any of the free courses in the world will be found here.

81. artsandculture.google.com : Know the world's museums and popular pantings.

82. instructables.com : Step by Step Guide to Become Anything

83. qr-code-scanner.blogspot.com : Scan the QR Code online

84. marvelapp.com : Make photos of Moscow and any website and website.

85. slide.ly : Make videos for marketing.

86. htmlmail.pro : Send me HTML text in the mail

87. thewirecutter.com : Best product recession site, what we need and what we need.

88. camelcamelcamel.com : Set the price alert for the Amazon site. You can do it with the help of boo.

89. asciiflow.com : ASCII code  Draw in and create a design.

90. 10minutemail.com : Create Temporary Mail to Avoid Spam Mail

91. whereami : Know the address of any location in Google Map

92.    apify.com : Clone any website created.

93. thunkable.com : Make an Android App without coding.

94. zerodollarmovies.com : Youtube free movies collection

95. Fiverr : Do any work online.

96. duckduckgo.com : Is the search engine that does not track our data.

97. html.hindimehelp.com :  Edit the edit with the live preview online.

98. image.hindimehelp.com : Search the image of any image in Google.

99. drivelink.hindimehelp.com :  Use Google Drive file to download direct links

100. tool.hindimehelp.com/mario : Computer games online

101. whatsapp.hindimehelp.com : Open Whatsapp Chat

I would also like to comment on any useful website for Agar.

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