Google algorithm 2019! So how in 2019 full guide?

Google algorithm 2019! So how in 2019 full guide?

Hello friends, what are you doing? , SEO Kaise Kare? These questions are from all bloggers today, from the blogger I mean those people who will also be considered bloggers who make websites or blogs for their small business. And the big company hires WebMasters and Google's Algorithm also works on their gesture. I have included SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Stats Infographics in this post, in which you will also get a list of those big companies. So let's first know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), before I introduce myself to you.

Google algorithm 2019! So how in 2019 full guide

My name is Tushar Thakur and chiefly I am employed for SEO trainer in New Delhi. Regarding SEO, you have got to learn a lot from Shailesh Ji and you will have seen many videos on YouTube but today I will connect it with our daily life, after which you are probably doubts. SEO is a technique that allows us to bring our website or blog forward in the search results of Top Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.

For example: How many people knew our Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the 2014 elections? According to me, 8-10 people of India who belong to Gujarat, they would have known but they themselves provided social media, TV news, Newspaper and Normans, works etc. to all of India through today and today He is the Prime Minister. These are also an SEO in common life, you have to take yourself to the common people, your website, its identity, the content that you have written. Google is the biggest platform and here if you come up in search results, people will come to your website and you will get traffic.

It's a matter of SEO and we go on how to do SEO, Google is the biggest search engine, we know some important things about it, as far as any search engine is followed by Google itself. If you come here in the results above, you will come there too. Google has mentioned some things in recent updates as Base Criteria of SEO which will have to be fully followed in 2019.

  1. Website or blog should be Mobile Friendly. Test Your Site:

  1. Having SSL certificates became very important, as of 2018 March, 7% of World's Web sites were attacked and Attacks ruined it. And hacking websites with SSL are considered difficult to hack. Install Free SSL:
oN Page SEO: Remember these two things and move on. I was doing SEO of a website which has the Attitude status For Girls and Royal Attitude Status, both of these keywords I searched from Google Ads Keyword Planner and then add Relevant Content: Images, Texts & Videos about it, Titles [ H1], URL, Tags and Description also used Same keywords. This is just what the ON Page SEO means.

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OFF Page SEO: Now I open the Ahrefs Tools and find out the backlinks of the website's posts ranking on this keyword, and after that I have made backlinks in most places. Keep in mind some of the NoFollow Backlinks are the first to make, which will be easily found by doing comments on any other website. After that you have to give Dofollow Backlinks. You should be given more or better sources than the first competitor on your keywords. After this you will have to give Traffic through your post Social Media or Guest Posting. As traffic arrives and Google User Engagement Test will check that your content is relevant, your post rank will begin. And some big websites on which Google has already been trusted, they do not have to go through such process, they have been divided according to PageRank. Edl, Gov, Org Domain The backlinks associated with TLDS are considered to be very powerful, if you do not get backlinks easily at such places then tell me in the comments I will help you.

Note: Remember that if traffic is not available from Guest Post or Social Share, then it will be difficult to rank in your website. You can also get traffic from Wikipedia and Quora.

Thanks! So much for today, I'll post this post on SEO Kaise Kare and you will have learned a lot

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