how to recover data from damage hard disk

Hello friends Welcome to technicaltipssakir. Today we will tell you that Hard Disk Recovery Kaise Kare Do you want to know something new then you are looking at the right post then stay tuned. Today's Post Corrupted Hard Disk Data Recovery About Kaise Kare Complete information Hope to get you that you will like our post.

Crash Hard Disk Se Data Recover Kaise Kare Through today's post we will try to give you complete information. We hope to tell you about it in a very simple language, like our previous post, our today's Post Hard Disk Ka Data Recover Kaise Kare will also be sure about which we will give you all the information.

Data placed in Computer or Laptop for us is very important, if we ever delete this data, we can go directly to Recycle Bin and get data, but whenever Data is deleted from Recycle Bin and that data is deleted If we need to do then what to do then today we will tell you to do the Data Recovery.

Today, we will tell you to recover Permanently Delete Data with the help of some Free Software, you can easily get deleted data and deleted data too long ago in your system by using it. Let's say.

If you do not know about Hard Disk Data Recovery Kaise Kare, then we will tell you. For this you will have to read our post from the beginning to the end, so if you want to know how to recover deleted data, stay tuned for all the information in today's post from beginning to end.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Kaise Kare

Now we will tell you to recover deleted files from Hard Disk, with the help of a software that is also Step By Step

Step 2: Install And Open Software

After downloading Recuva Software, install it and then open it.

Step 3: Select File

Now you have to select which files to recover, such as Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Etc or You can also select All Files and then click on the Next Button at the bottom.

Step 4: Select File Locations

Now you have to select the place from which the data is deleted, if you want to recover the Delete Data from your entire computer or Laptop, then you have to first choose the option and if you want to select data from a drive In A Specific Location you have to select and then click on Browser to select that drive and then click on Next Button at the bottom.

Step 6: Show Delete Files

After that you will be in process for some time now, after that all your deleted files will appear. Now mark any files you want and click on the Recover Button below.

Step 7: Select Folder

Now where to save your data, it will be asked that you have to select the folder where to save the data and then click OK.

Step 8: Recover Data Successful

It will take some time now and then the folder which you selected will get your data recovered.

Corrupted Hard Disk Data Recovery Kaise Kare

For how to recover your data from Crashed and Corrupted Hard Disk, we will use a software named Easeus, in which we will tell you about Recovering Step by Step Corrupted Hard Disk Data, so let's know about it.

Step 1: Download Software

First of all, you have to download this Easeus Software in your Computer, Laptop.

Step 2: Install And Run  

Now you have to install this software in your PC, Laptop and then you have to run it.

Step 3: Select Files

In this, you need to select the type of files to be recovered, if you want to recover one of the types of files, select them or if you want to recover the entire PC files, then select All Files Type option and Then click on Next.

Step 4: Drive Selection

In this you have to select which drive of Hard Disk to Recovery Data, and if no drive is showing on your system, then you have to click on Lost Disk Drive and then click on Sacn.

Step 5: Show Files

Now you will be scanning for a while, after you have completed, all the files you selected will start showing. Now you want to save any files you want to mark and click on Recover.

Step 6: Recover Files

Now whatever files you have marked, it will be recovered, if your files are not showing yet, then click once on Deep Scan.

So in this way you can recover all the files from your system.


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